Operation Management

At African Proficient Management Consulting (APMC), our mission is to ensure that our services, no matter the nature, make a significant and positive change in our client’s business. With regards to the service of Organisational Redesign, APMC’s offer is to conduct an investigation on the company’s overall performance and identifying the dysfunctional aspects of the business and those that just need a bit more attention. Our experts analyse the various structures and systems of the organisation, set objectives and goals. After the investigation and the problems have been identified, our focus is solely on developing and conducting a plan to redesign the organisation to best fit and tackle our client’s organisational problems

This process measure the advantages of an organisation in terms of skills. We look at where the company is excelling in, where they have the potential to be great and also their weaknesses.

This is the process of grooming the employees of an organisation into leaders in their own right. It is important for every employee to feel as though their work is valued by the company they work for. It is also important to establish a hierarchy in the work place to restore order and accountability. An important part of this process is to make sure that a balance is found between the two. APMC has adopted a technique to ensure that every employee can identify themselves as leaders in their own work so they can feel a level of accountability and responsibility for their work. We also ensure that actual leaders are put into place to ensure that they not only instil working discipline but also be a representative of the division they are in charge of.

Every company should have discussed and established a business strategy. This is the documentation of a set plan of how they will achieve their goals and how the business will be conducted. Our mission is to review the already existing business strategy and if it’s not available, study the company’s business patterns and develop a strategy tailored specifically for the organisation..

Our main approach is to study the client’s current business process and redesign them to eliminate waste and maximize productivity and customer satisfaction. Our focus is to ensure that we assist the organisations in rethinking and reviewing their already existing business strategies. This involves improving the cycle times and the quality of the production. The point of this process is to improve the quality of services for our clients’ customers, so it will look very closely at the customer needs. It also involves redefining the company values and core processes to best fit the customer’s needs and improving all business processes.

Financial Advisory


Clear Financial and Budgetary Planning. The financial management services that APMC offers are mainly advisory and supportive to clients. This is to ensure that they make sound business decisions, by acknowledging all the influencing factors, avoiding financial challenges and the ability to predict future financial challenges. We achieve this by offering clear financial and budgetary planning which ensures that clients know the financial implication of any decision before implementation.

This service is vital for every company as it ensures the management of the funds coming into the company and also the expenses. Our focus is on analysing our client’s financial performance and ensure that we cut out any unnecessary expenses and also maximize profitability by tightening our client’s budget. We specialise in reviewing and redesigning accounting policies and procedures, reviewing and tackling audit enquiries and overseeing journal entries. We provide our clients with advisory services on various business and financial ventures such as supply chain management and we ensure that we assist our clients in developing a revenue enhancement strategy.

At APMC, we focus our services to helping our clients develop their businesses and build a stronger understanding of their customers. Our mission in this service is to study and predict our client’s behaviour in terms of purchasing so that we strategize our operations plan according to their needs. The focus of this plan is to maximize the revenue for our clients which is why we use our expertise and various techniques to attract the customer and ensure that our client stands out.

I.T Design Consulting


We use the latest in technology to maximise your output and help companies leverage technology to drive high performance. We focus on business outcomes, IT and business strategy, from the strategic technology to technology implementation. We use sophisticated analytics, deep knowledge of industry processes and innovative technology to deliver sustainable business value. We can help you prepare for the new economic realities by enabling your company to adopt intelligent long-term approaches that support your entire business into the future, while continuing to respond to near-term cost pressures.

Build disciplined, effective plans that help IT deliver operational excellence and stay tightly aligned with business strategy.

Improve performance IT network and operations while accelerating workplace productivity.

Strategy Development


APMC is equipped with the knowledge, experience and expertise that are able to study our client’s market and develop strategies that will guarantee growth in its industry and maximize profits. It is quite a challenge for small companies to get their foot in the door, as it is also a challenge for big corporations to stay on top of their market. It is our mission to ensure that our clients explore all the business ventures that will ensure maximum success. Our methodology simply involves taking charge of the timing and the attractiveness of the clients brand to the public. This involves various strategies, specially designed for client’s nature of business and ensuring that no stone is left unturned and avoid threats. APMC has adopted the following methodology in developing the best strategies for our clients

  • We first look at the available opportunities for the client in their market and study their advantages and disadvantages.
  • The second step is to set out the vision and objectives for the organisation. This is done with the close collaboration with the client’s key executives. They set out obtainable goals and vision for what the client expects by the end of our services.
  • The third step is to design a plan that would be specific and timely to how these above objectives will be achieved. In this we will also identify what is needed to achieve the identified goals and challenges that we could potentially face.
  • The last step is to establish an evaluation plan that will be conducted on a regular basis to ensure process is going by smoothly.

These strategies are based on the various divisions available in the company. For example overall business strategy, HR strategy, Training and Development Strategies, Rewards strategies, etc.

Policy Development


It is vital for an organisation to establish policies that will govern their business. This ensures a safe and organised working environment, provided a non-discriminatory space of business. To achieve this, APMC focuses on developing policies for our clients with the aid of their departments/divisions who would have an insight on the organisation’s internal affairs. APMC looks into conducting research with the employees and consulting the key executives on what they would like to have addressed in the organisation’s policies

The policies are established in a way that it looks into the best interest of the stakeholders of our clients and not to focus the alienating them into groups. Our mission is to ensure that the needs of the stakeholders are addressed and also ensuring that productivity in the work place is maximized.

  • Identifying issues and forming hypotheses and solutions
  • Presenting findings and recommendations to clients
  • Implementing recommendations/solutions and ensuring the client receives the necessary assistance to carry it all out
  • Managing projects and programs
  • Leading and managing those within the team
  • Liaising with the client to keep them informed of progress and to make relevant decisions